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Sagana notebook
  • Sagana notebook

    A rustic leather cover embellished with a brushed silver plaque featuring the "Sanaga Creations" logo. The beauty of this cover is that you can slip one, two or three notebooks in the thickness you want or made of different types of paper depending on the uses. Slipping in a Moleskine notebook with a kraft cardboard cover, containing only 80 pages, allows it to be filled more easily and to be modulated according to our tastes. We can therefore put in our “Sagana Notebook” a notebook serving as an agenda, another for taking notes, developing ideas and drawing or plans and a third as an address book or specific for drawing. If you prefer, you can easily slip into a thicker notebook, and nothing forces us to take the Moleskine products since the cover based on the dimensions of this notebook at standard dimensions are easy to find from other manufacturers.

    • The Sagana Notebook (large - for Moleskine 5 "× 8 1/4" notebooks): $ 70.00 CAN (leather cover, brushed silver logo, 3 rubber bands to attach notebooks and a leather cord as a bookmark .
    • The Sagana Notebook (small - for Moleskine 3 1/2 "x 51/2" notebooks): 50.00 $


    • Inner-Pocket: Several models available.


    Video presentation of the notebook (french)


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